Unique Pricing Options – So You Pay Less

professional translation service

We have a wide range of pricing options available. Whatever your language choices, subject area and deadline, we will always find the best possible pricing option for you.

What factors impact upon translation pricing? Translation prices depend on several factors: the complexity or technical nature of the content to be translated, the language combination, volumes and delivery time, content repetitions etc.

Translations Price per word
English € 0,05 – € 0,07
Legal € 0,05 – € 0,08
Marketing € 0,05 – € 0,08
Medical € 0,05 – € 0,08
Technical € 0,05 – € 0,07

Language combination

Today, it is possible to translate content into multiple languages. Just because the most popular languages like English, Chinese, Spanish or German are the most requested, it doesn’t mean you won’t need to translate a document into Estonian or Thai.

You should bear in mind that the price of your translation will also depend on the language combination you need, in other terms the source and target languages. A translation of a popular language combination will be less expensive than a translation with a less frequent combination as there are fewer translators available.

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