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A high-quality translation intended for professional use.

Translator who passed our Standard level test. Best for casual content.


Proofreading by business level translator. Only available for customers with sales support.

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  • 3. DTP services

How do you price a translation?

Translation rates depend on various factors but are usually priced per word or page. When priced per word, the cost of your translation will depend on the number of words on the original text or document in question. When charged per page, the price will be calculated according to the number of pages it has.

There are some exceptions to calculating the price based on the number of words in the original document. Languages such as Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew may pose a challenge when it comes to counting words. In this case, you may be charged according to the translated words.

Some of Our Clients

We charge one of the lowest per word fees within the translation and localization industry.

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