High Quality Translation Assurance

Our Company SwanTranslations understands the importance of high-quality translation and proofreading services. For this reason we have several policies in place to assure that each project will be taken care of with utmost precision and professionalism.

Therefore we work with professionally trained translators who are native speakers and in the target country. All our processes lead to a strict quality management and rule-based, linguistic and formal quality backups.

CAT software

For each of our projects SwanTranslations utilizes various tools designed to improve the quality of our professional translation services. All of the tools mentioned below are updated regularly and allow us to complete all types of assignments no matter how demanding the project might be

Translation software:

Trados, SDLX, Transit, Across, DejaVu

Localization software:

Catalyst, Passolo, SDL Insight

Web design support:

HTML, Web Editors, and Web QA tools