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In an old fairy-tale when the giant asks: "What is the most powerful in the world?", the girl survives as she gives the correct answer: "The word!" Using the word as the most powerful tool together with the state-of-the-art computer equipment and the most up-to-date translation tools, we try to maximize the advantages of modern technologies in order to achieve an improved, efficient and faster process of translation. Besides, our highly experienced and qualified staff represents the essential contribution in delivering the best possible services.

SwanTranslations is using all these potent weapons in making the world of successful communication possible, but in the end, as Ivo Andric concludes, "we are using words in the same way as the one who is running away looking for salvation makes use of a rock he steps on or a branch he takes hold of." What counts is the best possible result, the rest is just a means of accomplising it.

"I have always wanted one thing: to be able to describe everything I see and to express everything I feel," said Ivo Andric, a Nobel Prize Winner. In order to help people reach this goal, we offer linguistically accurate, high-quality and professional translation , interpretation and localization services. Our services are delivered on time and they satisfy the criterion of being extremely affordable.

What Clients Say

German to English translation
21 Jan 2019

We are very pleased with the quality and promptness of the translation services received from Swan and we would recommend them to any company looking for excellent and cost-effective solutions.

Michela Donetti,
General Manager

English to German translation
19 Feb 2019

Our company has been using the services of Swan Studo since 2019. We highly appreciate the linguistic and technical accuracy of their translations, including the top-quality graphic layout of the final documents.

Michael Reed,

Japanese to English translation
11 Sep 2018

We have never had a job turned down by Swan Studio. All tasks are confirmed within an hour and we receive the translated documents on time.

Yuko, Regional Manager

English to Italian translation
8 Jan 2017

Hi Vesna

Thank you that was quick! The translations are perfect and I'm impressed you got it done within a day. I will definitely recommend your translation services.


Swedish to English translation
20 May 2016

Dear Sara, Thank you for your professionalism, patience and help.

You have been wonderful.

Many thanks indeed.

Best wishes,


Slovenian to English translation
13 Jul 2016

Dear Vesna, Yes, that’s great. Everything arrived on time. Have a lovely weekend!


Italian to English translation
22 Mar 2015

Thank you Radoslav for your quick response and service.


Spanish to English translation
10 Dec 2014

Sara, thank you for going the extra mile in following up on this urgent request through the weekend.

I don't think I could have got it any faster!

Again, thanks for the excellent service, much appreciated.


Russian to English translation
10 Aug 2014

Thank you for getting the translation through within the tight timelines!

Will be happy to recommend your services to others.

Best Regards


Chinese to English translation
12 May 2014

Sara, thank you for managing the project so closely and for the fast response!

Really happy with the translations that have been delivered.


Arabic to English translation
5 Mar 2013

Like your work and timelines.

Best Regards


Croatian to English translation
22 Dec 2012

I received the papers very promptly. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Kind Regards


Czech to English translation
Personal documents - 16 Nov 2012

I just got it today. It looks pretty good to me!

Thanks for that fast service!



Portuguese to English translation
Personal documents - 6 Nov 2012

Thank you for all your help Vesna!

Would gladly recommend you to others.


English to Russian translation
Brochures - 1 Nov 2012

Your translation service was professional and I'm impressed with the fast turnaround.

Greatly appreciate it!


Russian to English translation
Personal documents - 23 Oct 2012

Wow, I am impressed with the service! Thank you very much for the quick turn around.


Hungarian to English translation
Academic Transcripts - 3 Jul 2011

Appreciate your help in getting the documents delivered on time. Great Service!

Kind Regards

Serbian to English translation
Personal documents - 19 Jun 2011

Dear Vesna, Okay, that’s great. The translation is complete and I apprecaite your early delivey. Have a lovely day ahead!


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