Swan Translations - Who we are

In an old fairy-tale when the giant asks: "What is the most powerful in the world?", the girl survives as she gives the correct answer: "The word!" Using the word as the most powerful tool together with the state-of-the-art computer equipment and the most up-to-date translation tools, we try to maximize the advantages of modern technologies in order to achieve an improved, efficient and faster process of translation. Besides, our highly experienced and qualified staff represents the essential contribution in delivering the best possible services.

Swan Translations is using all these potent weapons in making the world of successful communication possible, but in the end, as Ivo Andric concludes, "we are using words in the same way as the one who is running away looking for salvation makes use of a rock he steps on or a branch he takes hold of." What counts is the best possible result, the rest is just a means of accomplising it.

"I have always wanted one thing: to be able to describe everything I see and to express everything I feel," said Ivo Andric, a Nobel Prize Winner. In order to help people reach this goal, we offer linguistically accurate, high-quality and professional translation , interpretation and localization services. Our services are delivered on time and they satisfy the criterion of being extremely affordable.

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