What is media translation and does your business need it? The translation of media content, literature and marketing requires talents and skills that are almost opposite to those required for technical, legal, medical, or scientific translations, in which conceptual exactness and terminological precision are key.

Swan Translations understands perfectly the specific demands for media and publishing translation services and is providing with exponential growth in industry first-class news article translations, literary translation, publishing translation and many more.

Our Editorial Translation Services include:

Book Translations

Our word-perfect book translation services combine accuracy and creativity to give you the perfect opportunity to hit the bestseller lists home and away. Getting your book translated so that it can adequately be sold on international platforms is a great way to make extra money and reach a wider audience.

Publishing Translations

Although translation is a niche activity, progress in other fields exerts a huge influence on publishing area. The need for professional translators doesn’t diminish along the way. Blogs, books and web magazines are brought closer to their readers due to the highly-accurate, systematic and thorough translators.

Journalism Translations

In the world of news and audiovisual media, journalism translation cannot afford any error. Getting people acquainted with important events and data is a task that requires high responsibility and acute sense of accuracy. The road to delivering clear and reliable content is ensured by proficient translators who understand the particularities of the discipline and feel at home within this area.